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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  November 3, 2009 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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the polls are open as voters cast their ballots in a race that has attracted national attention. today, virginia voters will decide whether to boot democrats out of the governor's office after eight years. hello, welcome to 9 news now at
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noon. i'm j.c. hayward. after months of hearing from the candidates, today voters in virginia decide who will become the state's next governor. we are taking a live look at the polling site at james j. mccord administration building in woodbridge. voters will select of course state delegates, county leaders and a new governor. and of course that's the race which has people talking. our 9 news now digital correspondent alex tremendous seen sew know is in falls church with a look at election day in the commonwealth. >> election years are working voters up to the last minute, but most northern virginians came here with their minds made up. virginians started to trick toll the polling place at marshall high just as sun light broke. the beautiful day brought out out many passionate voters who knew why they were supporting the governor. >> the decision was simple because i thought deeds is the one that spoke honestly about the money and i think in my
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recent money about democratic governors they, too, have been good about the money here in the state of virginia. >> the bond referendum is important to me and being an employee of the school and having children in schools, that's critically important for our community, to support our schools. >> supporters for creigh deeds will have to show up in big numbers in order to pull victory away from mcdonnell. polls have mcdonnell ahead of deeds. >> health care is important and having a jobs governor and lieutenant governor. someone that will provide something for our economy to help grow without giving debt to our children. >> reporter: both candidates have tried to sway voters in their direction. one man says casting your vote is a fundamental right everybody should exercise. >> historically i'm an independent voter, but lately i have switched. >> reporter: polls are open until 7 p.m. tonight. we will keep you posted on election results. 9 news now and
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you can cast your vote in virginia until 7:00 tonight. now, today is also election day in maryland. and there are plenty of local races across the free state. annapolis, bowie, gaithersburg, rockville and takoma park. polling locations open at 7:00 this morning. most are open until 8:00 tonight. but there are a few which will close earlier. you can learn all about the races across our region by going to and you can get a link to our voters guide at the top of the page. tonight, get realtime results as the numbers start to come in. well, voters in new jersey are also heading to the polls today. in a three-way governor's race. polls show incumbent democrat, john corzine is neck and neck with the republican challenger chris cyst tee. cyst tee is getting support from former governor christine todd whitman and president
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obama has made campaign appearances with corzine. although trailing, independent candidate christopher dagget could play a major role in the outcome. and in new york, michael bloomberg faces off against controller william thompson, the democratic challenger. bloomberg has a double-digit lead, at least in the polls. the billionaire mayor has a big financial advantage and is likely to burn through more than $100 million in the race and the polls there close at 9:00 tonight. well, you can be sure that the white house is watching closely the election results, especially the two big gubernatorial races in virginia and in new jersey. political analysts, like uva's larry sebato believes this will be viewed as a referendum on the president. >> the turnout will be so much lower this november than last november. and most of the voters who
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aren't showing up are democratically inclined. the white house hopes for a draw. they would be happy to lose only one of these. >> reporter: analysts believe part of the problem for democrats is they president is not on the ballot. his personal approval ratings are slightly above 50% and he still is popular among the democratic faithful. finally we have good news from u.s. health officials about the h1n1 flu virus. 30million more doses of the vaccine are now being distributed. health authorities expect the supply to increase over time and eventually catch up with the tremendous demand. tests show that pregnant women, who received the vaccine are well protected from one dose, but young children still need two doses to mount a strong immune response. >> the risk of not getting the vaccine is much greater than
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getting it and the benefit of the vaccine is clear as we have just shown because it induces a response that would be highly predictive of being protected. >> reporter: independent health advisers will now start to monitor the safety of the vaccine to watch for any possible side effects. in south korea, they have raised its alert status for the h1n1 virus to the highest level. it is part of an effort to contain the spread of the virus that has killed 42 people in that country. a health ministry official says the next four to five weeks would be the critical period of this pandemic as it is expected to reach its peak. in other news, convicted sniper john allen muhammad is asking the u.s. supreme court to stop his execution. an appeal is expected to be filed today barring any last- minute intervention mohammad will die by lethal injection a week from today. mohammad was given the death
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penalty in virginia for the killing of dean meyers at a manassas gas station. his accomplice, lee boyd malvo is serving a life sentence. four frederick students will be charged with assaulting a fellow student. the suspects are three minors and one adult. they all live in the same dormitory as the male student. police say they assaulted at the maryland school for the deaf last tuesday. the victim was treated and released from the hospital. we now know the names of two teens found dead at a triangle, virginia home. police say the man arrived home and discovered his 17-year-old daughter disease rhee patrick and 18-year-old core kneels you williams with gunshot wounds. police say they are not looking for any suspects because it appears to be a murder-suicide. both teenagers were students at forest park high school in woodbridge. the unemployment rate is expected to jump again this
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week, but there's good news for those without jobs. we will have details coming up. plus -- plus a massive beef recall is underway after a couple of deaths from e. coli infection. and there's good news for millions of unemployed americans of who could lose their jobless benefits before the holidays. we'll be right back.
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a major economic relief bill could soon be on the president's desk. it is packed with tax credits for home buyer and a much-
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needed break for the unemployed. witt johnson has the latest now. >> millions of americans could see their jobless benefits extended through the holiday season. the senate is expected to vote on a bill this week that would keep the funds going for several more weeks and expand a tax credit for first time home buyers, all but two republicans helped the measure to move forward on monday. it provides up to 14 weeks a of additional unemployment to people who need it and in states where the rate is .5% or higher the unemployed would get 20 weeks. an $8,000 tax credit for first time home buyers would be extended through june as long as buyers sign a purchase agreement by april. the bill will cause more than $22 billion over the next ten years. it is expected to win quick passage through both houses and congress before heading to the president's desk. >> we just are not where we need to be. we have a long way to go. >> reporter: unemployment has
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already reached a 26 year high of 9.8%. and just yesterday the president warned that number could go even higher. >> we anticipate we will continue to see some job losses in the weeks and months to come. >> reporter: just how much more retain -- remains to be seen but new numbers come out on friday and economists warn the figure could top 10%. wiftt johnson, cbs news. there are tough times at the national d-day memorial. the museum in bedford will lay off half of its staff. 11 full and part-time workers will be let go on december 1st. the museum is knew in the slowest time of the year and the million says they may be forced to open the museum by appointment only. the d-day museum is in bedford because that town lost the most people per capita during the 194 invasion.
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warren buffett's berkshire hataway announced this morning that it has agreed to buy burlington northern santa fe. now the biggest acquisition ever for berkshire hathaway is valued at $34 billion. it already owns a 22% stake in the railroad company. and today, democrats will begin to debate a climate change bill. they hope to win committee approval for the measure before an international summit on global warming occurs in december. all of the republicans, except one, plans to boycott the debate. they want an analysis on the bill's economic impact. well, metro needs to find $100 million to cut from its budget. tonight, a public meeting will be held so that you can find out how any cuts will actually affect your commute. the hearing is being held at kennedy high school, located on randolph road in silver spring. it begins at 7 p.m. and then there will be another meeting held on november 18th
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at prince georges community college in largo. in the meantime, be patient, metro says it is making repairs on all four of its transit lines so that you will unfortunately experience some delays. expect delays up to 30 minutes on many week nights after 9:30. and you can stop worrying, at least for now, if a camera catches you speeding in a maryland construction zone. the state is extending the warning period for at least two more weeks. after that, speeders will get a $40 ticket. cameras will rotate among work zones throughout the state and there will be warning signs placed ahead of the areas. the big commuter scramble is on in philadelphia. transit workers have gone on strike. the strike by the transit system's largest union has stalled the city's buses,
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subways and trolleys a day after the world series shifted to new york. the system normally makes nearly 930,000 trips a day. here's a look at the stories in the news right now. afghan president happened karzai is reaching out to his political rivals. he was declared the winner by default in his country's runoff election. the taliban says this proves it can disrupt afghanistan's politics. closer to home, election day is underway. race gaining national attention is in maine. voters will decide on a referendum approving same-sex marriages. turnout is expected to be high, and if i proved maine would be the sixth state to allow same- sex same-sex marriages. a new york company is recalling more than a half million pounds of ground beef. that may be contaminated with e. coli bacteria. two deaths have been reported.
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fairbanks farms packaged the meat in september and sold it to several chains, including trader joes. you can read more about this by going to our website at look for recalls on our living smart page. kim has the forecast. >> we are extending the use of our weather terrace furniture. yet another beautiful fall day. i will let you know how long the nice weather sticks an. wink wink, not long. right to the forecast next. you are watching 9 news now.
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as you can see it is 62 degrees. we are taking a live look at a polling site at james c. mcchord administration building in woodbridge, virginia. as we said earlier the polling places are light right now. so if you live in virginia go to your polling site because the lines are not long. you know this evening they will be long. i don't know what the weather will be. >> don't worry about the weather. >> i'm a new resident to fairfax county and i didn't know where i was supposed to go. i know i registered. i let my fingers do the walking to and i found my polling place. >> did you have to wait in line? >> i haven't gone yet but i
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will go while the voting is light. >> be sure to vote. this is an important election for virginia. >> all right. so the time is 18 past 12:00. some blue skies outside. haven't seen those in a while. haven't seen you in a while. have you been with us every day? we need to make this a regular appearance, all right. check out the skies near gaithersburg. this is city city hall and public park. looking good. as we move the view from the netherlands carillon and look agent the monuments and you can see it is nice out. a couple of clouds will be skirting by today. they will not bring rain but they are along a cool front. this 63 is probably where we will be calling it quits. after in the winds will be shifting to the northwest. maybe getting up as high as 15 miles an hour along that front. they are also 63 in frederick. 62 in baltimore and annapolis. down at andrews air force base. so some nice fall weather up
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across the area. west to winchester 62. cumberland eased back to 57. it is 59 in culpeper. here's i is -- here's how it looks from 20,000 miles above the ground. this is the front along the clouds coming through. and no rain. across pennsylvania and new york they have the showers but down here it will come through as a dry frontal passage with a couple of clouds and the winds shifting to the northwest. so a little later today we will see the clouds increase. that sunset time trying to get used to that 5:05. it is getting dark. all right. we'll just deal with it. days are getting shorter as you know. here we go. tomorrow we will watch the clouds increase again. it will be cooler. 55 degrees. on thursday, i think we will have a couple of showers under the cloud deck. a chilly day and highs 52. so let's talk about why. right now, that weak front is coming through. it is not a big player in the
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weather equation. all righty. but behind it we will have the cooler air and after that it is mid level dynamics in the atmosphere that will be overspreading clouds here. all right. so we will deal with a cooler push of air. that means tonight's lows in the 30s and a lot of the immediate suburbs as we look to this afternoon. the winds have shifted to the northwest and then tomorrow, high pressure cells bring us fair weather and for the most part fair tomorrow. a high at the surface. it is mid level where the clouds will be increasing and that's the case on thursday when most of the energy from the next storm is to the north. a couple of showers may try to squeeze as far south as here. that's the scoop. 40 tonight. inside the urban areas a lot of 30s in the suburbs. tomorrow morning picking up the paper off the driveway, chilly. in to the afternoon tomorrow, not a bad day but not great. 54. i will leave you partly cloudy. as you lack with me, the next seven, thursday is not the best day of the week.
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it is cloudy. we have a shower around, 52 and then friday we will be improving. we will get sunshine back as we head in to the weekend. and speaking of the weekend, i'm happy to say we haven't tweaked the model down. we are keeping it nice. in the 60s, j.c., with sunshine. that's a check on the next seven.
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we are learning that the number of children with autism is increasing but in montgomery county, community services for autistic adults and children provide some incredible services and so i want to have
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my friend ida sanford, the director of community development to come on the show today to talk about this non- profit organization. you really are, you are a local agency but you have reached national proportion because you have been a mentor to so many other agencies, being the first of its kind. first, let's talk about what is autism. >> first of all, thank you for having me here today. always a pleasure to see you. first of all, autism is a neurological disorder of unknown origin and it is a devastating dill order that affects one in 150 children today. >> and the numbers are increasing. >> definitely. >> is there any medical treatment for autism. >> unfortunately there isn't. science doesn't know the cause of autism, therefore we can't develop cures or treatments other than managing symptoms with medication and the scientifically proven treatment receive behavioral intervention. >> one of the things i think is
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so difficult for families is number one to recognize the child is autistic and number two to reach out for help. what should a family do? >> a family needs to watch a toddler very closely for possible signs of autism that could include delayed language, not responding when their name is called but it is interesting to note that our website has had a huge explosion of hits because we offer information, checklist for families to turn to. we have 20,000 unique visits a month from people looking for information. the checklist for autism and toddlers can be found on our website. a grandparent or a parent or a day care provider can easily administer that checklist to a toddler. >> i'm going to that website -- i'm going to give that website because it is very important. it is if you have a child or family member with autism, go to this website. you can get valuable
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information. they are having a great gala next friday on november 13th. it is almost soldout but you can get more information. i have worked with the organization very closely. it is one of my favorites. >> thank you for having me today. >> you will have to come back. >> i certainly will. >> come back and visit us at 5:00 and vote in virginia. it's important.
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